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To register as a candidate for the position of the Queens of Persia, you must first read the registration conditions provided below, and if you have all the necessary conditions, register online on our website, following the steps.

  • Step 1: Online Application Form www.queensofpersia.com/join
  • Step 2: Emailing Your Introduction Article
  • Step 3: Emailing minimum of 5 Professional Photos
  • Step 4: Signing the Program Agreement
  • Step 5: Paying the Service Fee

After completing and submitting the Online Application Form, you must email us an article and some photos according to the following conditions to complete your registration process. It is recommended that you prepare all the necessary requirements before and send your article and photos at the same time as your application.

If your application has been accepted by our team, we will inform you of the result via email. The program contract will be sent to you, and you should sign it and send the signed contract to us along with the service fee payment receipt. Once we have received your signed contract and the receipt of your payment, our team will contact you to schedule the training classes, coronations, photography, filming, etc.

Registration Conditions

  • The minimum age of a candidate is 16 years, and the maximum age is 45 years
  • The minimum height of a candidate is 160 cm or 5 feet 2 inches
  • A candidate should have a beautiful face and a suitable body structure
  • A candidate should be educated and familiar with basic English and computer knowledge
  • A candidate should have historical, cultural, and political knowledge of Persia
  • A candidate should have a valid passport and permission to leave the country of residence
  • A candidate should have suitable financial conditions or a sponsor for the program expenses
  • A candidate should believe in democracy and the original principles of the United States of Persia
  • A candidate should have a social purpose and be ready to join and support charities/ social communities

Online Application Form


    Your Achievements

    After you sign the agreement and pay the program service fee, your application will be reviewed by our professional judges. Our judges will select the best candidates of each year, who have the potential of the title responsibilities, and be able to be called a ‘Queen of Persia’ and be a winner of our program. The Queens of Persia will achieve the below items:

    • You will receive the title of Queen of Persia of the year OR one of the subtitles, and you will be Crowned
    • You will be photographed with your Crown and Sash by professional photographers of our team
    • Your introduction Videos will be produced by professional directors of our team
    • Photos and videos of your coronation will be published on our social media for your promotion
    • You will have a page on the Queens of Persia’s website, including your articles, photos, and videos
    • Your name will be recorded in the history of Persian Beauty Pageant, and you will have many fans
    • As a celebrity, you will be invited to various celebrations and ceremonies as a special guest
    • You will have many job opportunities with excellent salaries in acting and modeling industries
    • You will have the opportunity to enter high-level government positions in the United States of Persia as an administrator, minister, or member of the parliament, in the future.
    • You will have the opportunity to meet politicians and ministers of different countries to introduce Persia and Persian women and be a positive supporter of your country and to the people.
    • You will have the opportunity to join international beauty pageants by your choice and represent Persia on the global stages, and experience international pageant industry, etc.


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