History was not Made by Those who did Nothing

Beauty pageants had their origin in photographic beauty contests that were publicized in newspapers in the 1850s. However, the first true beauty pageant in the modern sense of the word is traceable to 1921 in New Jersey, USA, which is called “Atlantic City’s Inter-City Beauty Contest”. After this time many other national and international beauty pageants were established around the world and turned these competitions into an industry.

The first Persian beauty competition, with the name of Spring Girl, was publicized by Zane Ruz magazine in 1965, and Sima Izadju was selected as the winner. The competition continued as a physical series each year and it was called Iran’s Worthy Girls. The last series of this competition was performed in Tehran’s Hilton Hotel in 1978, where Tarane Keysar from Tehran was selected as Iran’s Worthy Girls of the year.

After 1979, when the Islamic Revolution happened in Iran and the hijab became mandatory, some Persian women, individually represented Persia or their countries of residents on global stages, as there were no such organizations to run the program yearly. However, in 2013 the beauty pageant of Persia was re-established by our organization as a virtual competition that aimed to choose the Miss Iran of each year who could represent Persia on the global stage.

After 10 years of continuing the second series of the Persian beauty pageant, now we planned to move forward with a new series and program method to search and find Queens of Persia, the intelligent and strong women who can create positive benefits from our program for the Persia and its great’s people. But you should remember that this history was not made by those who did nothing! So, check out the most hardworking people in this journey below.

2013 - 2022

Miss Iran Queens

The second series of the Persian beauty Pageant was started in 2013 after our organization was re-established. Our goal was to re-create the culture of the beauty pageant for Persian people, empowering Persian women, and providing them with the opportunity to represent Persia on the global stages, which we succeeded in our goals at the highest level possible. During these 10 years, almost 5k Persian women applied as candidates, we selected the top 100 contestants and introduced them to our audience, 10 winners received the title of Miss Iran of the year, and about 30 Persian women represented Persia in world beauty pageants.

1978 - 2013

The Gap

After the 1979, when the Islamic Revolution happened in Iran and the hijab became mandatory, organizing a beauty pageant inside the country was illegal. Many Persian people migrated to Europe, America, Canada, etc., and some Persian women who were interested in the beauty pageant industry, individually represented Persia on global stages or represented their countries of residents with the support of overseas organizations. Our research shows during these 33 years, about 10 Persian girls were crowned in different countries and could join international beauty pageants, which you can see some of the pictures and titles here.

1965 - 1978

Iran's Worthy Girls

The history of our organization goes back to 1965 when the first series of the Persian beauty pageant was established by Zan-e Rooz magazine, and our winner received the title of Spring Girl of the year. The year after, the series continued with the title of Worthy Girl of each year, and 13 Persian Queens were selected as Iran's Worthy Girls. During this time about 9 winners had the opportunity to represent Persia on the global stages.


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