Queen of Persia 2023

Mrs. Mina Babaee is the Queen of Persia 2023 and her social goal is to Empower Persian Women in Canada. Mina was born in 1989, in Tehran, Iran and she is from an Azari background. She is married and has a beautiful daughter and living in Toronto, Canada since 2022.

Mina graduated from the Arts College in Tehran. She is an active person who loves sports, arts, and reading. Her favorite arts are music and dancing and she likes to sing. She always supported charities in Iran, mostly the underprivileged girls who needed support for marriage. Several times, she volunteered as a kindergarten teacher, as well as worked in a nursing home to help those who needed it.

Currently, Mina is working in the fashion industry in Toronto, Canada, and she is an active person in the Persian community, doing volunteer charity work. Her business goal is to be an entrepreneur, run a new women’s clothing brand, and create jobs for people. Mina also would like to be the voice of Persian women on global beauty stages next year, and by the title of Queen of Persia create a campaign that empowers and gives more value to the Persian Women in Canada.

Global Competition

Mrs. Mina Babaee has been chosen as the new representative of Persian women on the global stage. She will join Mrs. Universe 2024 to represent the land of Persia as well as speak about the Persian people to the audience. If you are one of Mina’s fans and would like to support her journey at Mrs. Universe 2024, you can follow her on her Instagram.

“Joining the Queens of Persia beauty pageant was a great experience for me, but the most important thing I have learned during this journey was the Personal Empowerment Course, mentored by Mr. Clooney. I found this course very empowering, inspiring, and informative. I recommend all Persian women, to join this program to experience its valuable knowledge.”

– Mrs. Mina Babaee, Queen of Persia 2023

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