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Ambassadors of the New Era of Persia

The Queens of Persia is a beauty pageant organization that operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Media of the United States of Persia. We believe in a true democracy and provide equal opportunities to all Persian women to join our program, be empowered, and further their social ideas by celebrating the Queen of Persia title. Through this program, our title holders have the choice to join International beauty pageants and represent the land and history of Persia to worldwide audiences, or act as ambassadors of the Persian people, and with the support of our organization be connected to social and political activities, and move forward with their important social goals. Our mission is to educate Persian people about social and political awareness, and through our program, we would like to bring Personal and Social Empowerment to our society. We educate our Queens and support them to be positive role models to current and future generations, highlight the excellence of their achievements, and support them to make their mark in today’s society.

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Queen of Persia 2023

Mrs. Mina Babaee

Mrs. Mina Babaee is the Queen of Persia 2023 and her social goal is to Empower Persian Women in Canada. Mina was born in 1989, in Tehran, Iran and she is from an Azari background. She is married and has a beautiful daughter and living in Toronto, Canada since 2022. Currently, Mina is working in the fashion industry in Toronto, Canada, and she is an active person in the Persian community, doing volunteer charity work. Her business goal is to be an entrepreneur, run a new women’s clothing brand, and create jobs for people. Mina also would like to be the voice of Persian women on global beauty stages next year, and by the title of Queen of Persia create a campaign that empowers and gives more value to the Persian Women in Canada.


History was not Made by Those who did Nothing

Queen of Persia 2022

Miss. Mahrou Ahmadi

Queen of Persia 2016

Miss. Sonia Beytoushi

Queen of Persia 2014

Miss. Shadi Osmani


My Crown may be Heavy but still I Accept the Responsibility

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