Miss Earth Iran 2021

For the first time the Queen of Persia, Dr. Hima Zaker, represented her country in the Miss Earth beauty pageant. 

Miss Earth IRAN 2021 was the first-ever representative in the Miss Earth competition this year. Many Iranian are thinking this is a big step, not only for the pageant industry’s success but also for the Freedom of Iran. 

As you know, in 1979 an Islamic Revolution happened in Iran. The Shah of Iran left his country, and Islamic Supreme Leader took the power in the country. Many laws have been changed, and Hijab became mandatory. These new laws affected people’s lifestyles as well as the Iranian pageant industry. The pageant organization of Iran with the name of Worthy Girls of Iran, after 14 years was shut down, and Iranian women didn’t have the chance to represent their country anymore. However, in 2013, the beauty industry of Iran was re-established under the name of Miss Iran and thousands of Iranian women joined the new organization. The result of the 9th competition was representing Iran on about 30 world stages, but for some reason, Iranian women did not have the chance to attend the biggest beauty pageant such as Miss Universe, Miss World, or Miss Earth. 

In 2021, Miss Earth management allowed Iran to join their global patent, which was positive support from the international pageant industry. As Iran is one of the bigger and stronger countries in the world, and many Persians are intelligent people with important titles in many industries around the world, compared to many other countries, Iran’s space is missing on some global stages. So, joining the Miss Earth competition could be a positive step to remind the world pageant industry about Persia and Persian people. We take this news as a big success for the future of Persia, and it could not be happened, without the hard work of our title holders, and in this journey, Dr. Hima Zaker. 

Miss Earth Iran 2021 Competition

Miss Iran 2021 competition was one of the toughest competitions, as the COVID-19 pandemic affected all over the world including Iran, and a big number of Persian people were involved in this crisis. However, as the Miss Iran competition was virtual and Persian women could enter the program online, we could succeed professionally and from the top 10 contestants, Dr. Hima Zaker, was crowned as Miss Iran 2021. 

Hima was born in 1994 in Mashhad, Iran. She is graduated in veterinary medicine and working as a veterinarian at the moment. She can speak English, German, Kurdish, and Turkish. Hima is interested in modeling and doing it as part-time work. She also likes watching movies, listening to music, and exploring nature, and environmental awareness and animal rights are extremely important to her. She loves sports and has experience in such activities as swimming, tennis, ice-skating, aerial dancing, gymnastics, and mountaineering.

Immediately after the Miss Iran competition, Dr. Hima Zaker received her international title as the first Miss Earth Iran and was certified to join the 2021 competition. Below are some of Hima’s pictures which are taken for the Miss Earth 2021 competition. 


As usual in many national beauty pageants, after announcing the winners, is time to be prepared for the national competition.  The title holders should manage all the requirements in such a short time, and those who be well organized have more chances of growing in the international competition process. 

Dr. Hima Zaker, traveled to Babolsar, the north of Iran, which is green and a wonderful place for photoshoots and videography. She had a special photoshoot with a beautiful crown and the first sash of Miss Earth Iran, as well as introduced more about the nature of Iran etc. 

You can watch Dr. Hima Zaker’s introduction video which was produced for the Miss Earth competition below. 

Global Competition

Because of the COVID-19 travel bands in 2021, the Miss Earth competition this year was virtual. Each contestant had to provide photos and videos to the Miss Earth organization and speak to the judges during online interviews. 

As Dr. Zaker’s costume theme was representing the water of Iran, it has a special design as you can see in the below photos. 

She also had to provide a few different designs of gowns and dresses for the photoshoots which can be seen on below. 

The judges a couple of times interviewed Dr. Hima Zaker before the competition and asked her some questions about Iran’s water issues, which she answered perfectly. The judge’s interviews and competition video is available below. 

After Competition

Same as many pageant winners, the experience during the national and international pageants was grateful and she could learn new experiences from the industry. Below is a testimonial from Dr. Hima Zaker, about our organization’s benefits. 

"Self-confidence is what you will learn and experience in a beauty pageant. You will learn that you are capable of doing more than you imagined. As you learn, grow, and achieve your goals, you will develop self-confidence and self-esteem. Join Queens of Persia and learn Personal Empowerment"

– Dr. Hima Zaker, Miss Earth Iran 2021

Also, after the Miss Earth competition, ManoTo TV 2 times had an exclusive interview with Dr. Hima Zaker which you can watch on them below. 

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