Queen of Persia 2022

We are very excited to introduce the Queen of Persia 2022, Miss Mahrou Ahmadi! Mahrou was born in 1998 in Tehran, Iran and she graduated in herbal medicine and medicine. At the moment she is studying pharmacy at the Istanbul University of Health Science. Mahrou competed in Miss Iran 2022 and become the winner of this year’s pageant. As result, she was chosen as Miss Earth Iran 2022 and competed on the world stage among 90 representatives from other countries. Below is a summary of Mahrou and how she became the Queen of Persia in 2022.

2022 Competition

Miss Iran 2022 competition, was one of the second series of Iran’s beauty pageants, which from all the successful Iranian girls around the world who registered for the competition, the top 10 had the opportunity to be represented to the online audience. The audience and judges could read each contestant’s article which was attached to their photos, and vote for the best. Who received the most votes were chosen as the winners of the competition.

The Winners

This year, 3 Persian girls were the winners of the competition. The main Winner was Miss. Mahrou Ahmadi who won the title of Queen of Persia 2022, the 1st Runner Up was Miss. Sevda Rasouli, who became Miss Teen Iran 2022, and the 2nd Runner Up was Mrs. Sanaz Kazemi who received the title of Mrs Iran 2022. All 3 winners had the chance to join international pageants to represent Persia on global stages, but only Miss. Mahrou Ahmadi followed her responsibility.

Winner Queen of Persia 2022
Mahrou Ahmadi
Miss Teen Iran 2022
Sevda Rasouli
Mrs Iran 2022
Sanaz Kazemi

Queen of Persia 2022

Miss. Mahrou Ahmadi was born in 1998 in Tehran, Iran. She graduated in herbal medicine and medicine in Iran and at the moment she is studying pharmacy at the Istanbul University of Health Science. Mahrou can speak Persian, Turkish, English, and a little Arabic.

Mahrou’s main interest and focus are in modeling and she is doing it part-time since 2015. She works as a stylist and fashion influencer on Instagram and I have around 340K followers. But also, she is interested in making new herbal medicines for skin and body beauty, as well as painting, traveling, exploring nature, watching movies, playing piano, listening to music, styling and making new fashion, and video creating for her followers is important for her.

After the top 3 winners were announced, Miss Mahrou Ahmadi among other title holders was crowned and in a studio had a special photoshoot. Also, she represented Persia in a short video to the program audience, which you can see her photos and the video below.

Miss Marou Amadi was really proud to be Miss Iran 2022 and she knew if Iranian people, mostly young women, understand more about the power of the beauty pageant industry and join this program, together they can achieve success and have true freedom in our country. Below is a testimonial from Miss Mahrou Ahmadi, Miss Iran 2022.

Today many Iranians, especially young women, are looking for freedom, success, and growth, and fighting for this goal. But how many really do it in the right way? I think beauty pageants help young people to understand the true meaning of competition, success, and growth, and that's why I would suggest every young woman be part of a pageant.

– Miss. Mahrou Ahmadi, Miss Iran 2022

Miss Earth Iran 2022

We apologize for the website’s technical problems. As we have updated our website design, there are some pages that are still under construction, which you may see some errors or this message. Please check out our website in the next couple of weeks, when every detail would be perfectly completed. Immediately after the national competition, Miss Mahrou Ahmadi was chosen as Miss Earth Iran 2022, with the goal of representing the nature of Persia, especially Persian Chitta, on the global stage. Below are some of Mahrou’s photos for Miss Earth and you can see the International competition photos and read more about it on the link below. 

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